Where Are You?

Today I was thinking about where I'm going and how am I going to get there. Do you know that kind of day, where there is so much you could be doing and going to but you seem to be standing still? I am a great multi-tasker but some days it just doesn't work for me, I end up in chaos, mainly I think because I don't focus on one thing at a time. I ended up creating a list and some order for the day, by reasoning that I could go out in the afternoon and finish off in the evening. Great idea, but the power went out! Argh, no cooking, no shower, no TV, no reading. Oh man I was lost at 8.15pm when my torch light went dim while trying to read in bed. I'm not sure I'd like to go without my creature comforts for too long, please bless us and save us from calamity.

I was productive though. Isn't it funny where your mind takes you when you have nothing to do? I love that about my mind, its always up for adventure. Yours too?

Seeing as I was in darkness I thought about traveling through a tunnel. Tunnels are great to imagine, as there is always light at the end of them (and I needed to know that about my power situation). You can feel your way through tunnels at a slow pace if you are not sure footed, you can run if you need to (train coming) and of course there is surety as a tunnel has a beginning and an end, eventually.

That thinking morphed into imagining I am now an explorer of caves. Now caves are tricky to imagine because you have to think and remember where you have been in order to find your way back out! They are dark, and you can lose yourself in them but correspondingly they can be a safe haven from whatever is 'out there'. I might just stay near the entrance where I can see outside, light a fire and be warm and comforted by that glow and the shadows on the walls. Of course you need to be brave and like the shadows to enjoy that part.

I believe I like the tunnel dreaming best though, as it has a beginning and an end. There's always light at the end of it, and even if the trek through it is challenging, I know if I keep going I will get through it - just like life don't you think?

Think of it as the things we need to go through, the things we may not want to do, or those experiences that make us uncomfortable. These can all be imagined as the tunnels we must enter at some stage of our lives. Soon we'll know a bit more about our destiny, our new beginning or whatever it is on the other side waiting for us. Don't always imagine calamity, you may be scared but you can still enjoy yourself or get lost in the experience of it.

Photo Credit: Ben Heine via Compfight cc

We may not always consciously enter the tunnels (life dramas), but according to our own unique Earth School curriculum and other circumstances, we might get pushed in there and have no alternative but to keep on moving and head for the light. It's just a tunnel after all and life's like that.

Keep on going because I know you can do it, don't turn back; there's no adventure in that - head up and see the light. If you are in a life situation that feels like a cave or a tunnel, can you imagine your way through it all? If not seek help, you don't need to be alone. Help is ever near.

Well that was my night without a TV - next time it happens I am going to try a roller-coaster.

Where will you be?

Till we chat again dear friends,

xx WendyJoy xx