An Amazing Story

My son had an accident last weekend, he burnt his face, mainly his forehead and hands.

A pile of branches and other combustible rubble had been piling up for ages and he thought he would do me a favour and light it. It had been growing for the last twelve months because it was such a wet 2012 winter and it refused to light for me! Then the summer fire bans arrived, and here we are in June 2013 with a pile as big as a mountain!

Anyway, he tried to give it a boost along and got caught in a flash flame, caused by a tiny cinder that floated by him. As with all accidents, they happen so quickly - then along comes regret a mere split second behind. "If only I just went home."

Isn't regret wonderful though, because it means you are alive to enjoy regretting! Well you don't enjoy it at the time, but you do enjoy being alive and in one piece.

I can still see myself running in slow motion, my right hand is reaching into my back pocket for the phone to call emergency and as I call to him he doesn't respond and is lying motionless.

I am pressing call when I shout again and he puts his head up, thank God he's alive and in one piece I think.

His fiancé and dogs are running to him too.

The sound of the boom is something I'll never forget, and how could this happen to someone so careful I ask myself. His fiancé and I help him to a chair and keep his face wet as we knew and were instructed to do, and we wait for the ambulance. Bless them, they arrive quickly, two trucks. They really are Earth Angels those people.

I am lucky you know, as I (and my kids) never panic; he was so calm and we all got on with what needed to be done. He is a very brave young man and a lucky one too.

As we head into The Alfred I am busying myself with emergency texts to those who can respond quickly to my request for healing, Reiki and prayer - 'spread the word' - and it did spread, all the way across Australia.

The staff at the hospital do what they need to do and we do what we know to do. It's amazing how we all go about our work so competently and with such devotion to duty.

His hands were treated, but it was mostly about his face and his airways, because the forehead had been stripped of so much skin across his whole forehead and there was a risk that he had inhaled the fumes and/or flames. "As a second degree burn, his face would heal well over time" they said. Everything hurt!

The healers were concentrating on his face all week and it was healing fast; it came to look a healthy pink, who would have thought?

The doctors were amazed when he went back on Friday to have his right hand checked (as the local doctor thought it was becoming infected).

His hand looked like a deep and sore sunburn and as the week wore on it began to swell and blister. On Friday they gave it more notice and are now actively treating it, (and as I said are amazed at his forehead's progress).

I Am amazed at how fast his forehead healed too but I shouldn't be.

I have seen so many times the same quick healing response when healers, Reiki people and others sending prayers have been involved.

Photo Credit W Smith June 2013

I Am amazed still, because of the difference in his healing, as there is a distinct difference between my son's hand and his face one week on.

Photo Credit June 2013

Well it wont stop there, I will be sending him Reiki throughout the week as will many others no doubt. What a joy it is to be able to offer healing with love and devotion to others (anonymously).

My heart goes out with gratitude to all of those who sent my son their love, time and energy. I may not personally know you, but you have touched me dearly.

The power of Reiki, healing and prayer have all been studied and found to be of benefit. I Am here to say I have witnessed it's benefits so many times and believe my life is all the more richer for having had Reiki in my life.

Reiki Level One is being taught here at Wellsprings later in June - you can find out about that here and here

Till we chat again dear friends, lots of love and please, stay safe

xx WendyJoy xx

Have you any such Reiki, healing or prayerful experiences to share with us?