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(for women only)

Counselling can help you:

  • Find your way through to the heart and soul of what challenges you

  • Feel and be supported through this journey with respect and compassion

  • Begin to create more fulfilling experiences and find contentment

  • Learn to trust your inner wisdom and find clarity and peace

Counselling is available either in person or by Skype.
In person is available in Albury and Langwarrin, Victoria.



“Who, being loved is poor?” - Oscar Wilde

Every ceremony is different; every couple has a style of their own and want this to be expressed on their wedding day through a personalised ceremony. That’s the joy in a celebration of marriage, a ceremony written especially for you that your guests will enjoy and will forever evoke happy and special memories for all.

WendyJoy enjoys helping couples create a ceremony that feels as wonderful and as unique as they are. There are so many ways to celebrate, let’s work together to create the perfect way for you.

.I create fabulous ceremonies and my fee depends on the ceremony, distance and time and creativity invested. I can be available to travel Australia wide
You can’t have a wedding ceremony without a celebrant, so make sure you choose well and book early. Let’s
talk about it

Whether your wedding is to be large or small affair, you will find WendyJoy able to help you create the most beautiful ceremony, from start to finish.
Fee for service begins at $600 for local to Albury Wodonga NSW, or to Melbourne Vic

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” - Song of Solomon



“We spontaneously seek opportunity to tell and retell the stories of our loss, and in doing so, recruit social validation for the changed story lines of our life” - Robert Neimeyer

WendyJoy is a caring and friendly celebrant who is able to craft a ceremony for the family that will reflect the deceased’s personality, culture, values and wishes.

WendyJoy is not affiliated with any funeral director, but you have the right to request her service be included in your loved ones celebration of life, if that is your wish.

I would welcome your call to discuss this, or please speak with your funeral director, and they will contact me on your behalf.

WendyJoy is a qualified funeral celebrant


Biography of the Living

(Albury & Langwarrin)

“Find someone to share your heart, give to your community, be at peace with yourself, try to be as human as you can be” - Life Lessons From Tuesdays With Morrie

Have you ever thought about writing a short biography with all the twists and turns that make a great read? Your story is as unique as you are; why not write it down as a sacred journal of life?

Write the family stories, the secrets you’d like to be shared with family once you have passed on.

WendyJoy can help you to craft your story from the heart and soul of experience: To be put away with your will and other special papers for when your family will need it most. It’s your own human story, give it meaning, bring it to life for yourself as much as for those you love.

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