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WendyJoy is a kind and thoughtful woman, and a pleasure to work with. I enjoy the refreshing honesty and care in her articles. - Louise Berger

Christmas Spirit 2018 post
My thoughts too Wendy: our Christmas celebrations were similar to what you’ve described (we went to Church at midnight then home to await ‘Santa’s visit’ - usually a piece of fruit & some nuts & a couple of other small tokens - then help set the table, enjoy hot food cooked lovingly by mum (in hot kitchen) sitting down with family & anyone who was on their own! At night we would perform a concert, singing carols & acting out the Nativity scene (my brother & I used our imaginations for props!) to entertain our parents & grandparents who lived with us. One present each was given - not like the theme of today’s Christmas where people try to outdo each other with enormous gifts!!!
Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Enjoy watching the grandchildren open their gifts and be thankful you’re able to witness it all!!! Children are a blessing - don’t you agree? Xxxxx
- Joan Watts

’Thank you’ is not enough for all you have given me this year.
I’m wishing you a great Christmas and a very productive and successful new year.
Love G.S. xx (Kitchen Dharma)

Dear WendyJoy
I have so enjoyed your posts,  I tackled by bedroom today for Melancholia (stopped short at taking curtains down to wash and did not do walls but they will wait), in a way it was good not being cool enough (for me) to get out in the garden. Christmas Post brought back memories of Christmas’s past – I just love the way you write