Kitchen Dharma ©


A weekly gathering space for widows To be & to grow, as we cook our way to inner peace.

To become a widow is to set out onto a path unknown. We don’t choose to be widows, yet here we are! We are unsure of the path we find ourselves on and we haven’t a clue of where we are going or who we are anymore Yet still, here we are.

Kitchen Dharma© is a weekly gathering, sharing the kitchen table with other women we prepare our lunch in much the same way that women from all cultures once did.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that has a quite a few translations, but basically it is a teaching and a practice of the ‘right way’ to live life; in thought, word and deed. The teachings may come from many varied sources and of the sacred traditions (Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc)

Kitchen Dharma© is a group for widows who seek to enrich and find (new) meaning in their lives. There is no right way to be a widow, but the way we live and think and do as a human can bring balance and harmony into the darkest of days.

Sharing at Kitchen Dharma© may bring light to the dark and help us to grow and become more adept at living.

Kitchen Dharma© explores this new way of life, through

  • Sharing of our experiences – talking with women who understand

  • Story telling (Dharma) – finding meaning through the sacred texts

  • Preparation of a wholesome lunch to share: food for the stomach and the soul

By donation – numbers are limited - Contact WendyJoy here