Writers Workshop


Hi friends, I went to The Gunnas Writers Master Class with Catherine Deveny yesterday - You can find out more info about Catherine here

I had a great time and thought I'd share with you an exercise I did. We had six props and six paragraph starters - and a story unfolds.

Here is my story - orange text are Catherine's prompts - green text tell you what the props were ( a new one at each prompt. Thirty minutes gone in a flash.

It was a fun day, over too soon. Shine on friends, try something new as often as you can, it helps you to smile a lot more often.

Here is my first attempt at fiction, very scary sharing it with you all

lots of love

xx WendyJoy xx


The first time I picked up this envelope I was by the fridge – I left it there last night because I got in late. Too late to get a move on to it and now it’s too late, the post office closes in half an hour


I said I’d get it to him, to say yes or no before Friday but alas he will stew over it all weekend unable to contact me, and probably wondering why I’ve neglected him. Life gets in the way sometimes, especially when the love of your life is not right in front of you.


Next minute there’s a knock on the door and in walks Norm with a souvenir from the art gallery – a bloody Aussie flag key chain, ha! What’s to drink he says and I grab a beer form the bar. You old bugger, what are you here for? I thought you were on the train for Albury at 6. Missed it, can you put me up for the night?

Well you can have the couch but there’s a lock on my bedroom door ‘so don’t come a knockin’.


I need to get the morning train will you give me a lift? 6.35am. Shit, a big ask but I’ll set the alarm. Damn that envelope is not going out tomorrow either, by the time I get back it will be closed again.


I think it’s dead! What? Who? Not who, it’s the cat. Shit, I’ll fix it up when I get back, come on or we’ll miss it. What’s this? A dice by it’s foot, looks like a game piece or from a game. Did you leave the back door open? Footprints on the path, maybe the cat was poisoned, and what about the dice? Norm said he’s seen one like that before at the Cool Cat Casino. He’d been there Thursday night and did a runner when he got $1000 in debt. Shit!


All I could see was blue sky. Blue luminous jewel, sunshine and no clouds and I felt so heavy, yet as if I was the sky... I laid there for ages then felt hungry and realised I needed to move, I was flat on my back looking up, hurting, my head! The only thing not hurting was my eye. I could feel a faint rumble under me and thought of Norm – I’d dropped him off at the station - but nothing else. Rumbling getting louder, shit roll, roll, roll and the train rolls passed me, as fast as my life did.


My answer is yes, I need to get out of here, move to a new place, a new adventure town. This one is too cluttered with people dropping by. I didn’t ask for visits, the cat seemed dead, me almost dead, get out and don’t look back. More blue sky, work outside and be with him.


Until finally the penny drops you just coast along. Australia is like that, but Vietnam calls me. The money delivered will get me a plane ticket.


Vietnam! You couldn’t go there once, unless you were military, show girls or politicians, yet here I go, to revel in that heat.


It was brilliant; you didn’t need much here, shorts, t-shirts, sandals. Still it took some getting used to, but I was made for that. We’ve got everything, bars, beer, a house and nightclubs as good as you’d get in Paris. Here’s a red garter thrown at him recently, but I caught it. All good fun. I’ve kept it as a memento of the old and new. The old me would have been jealous of show girls, but now, I’m as big a show girl and those red sparkles remind me to shine.


No more Norm, no more crazy flat in the suburbs that everyone felt free to drop by – just me, the man, the birds, this amazing country and freedom in the most unlikely of places. Who’d know a simple yes, could come with so many outstanding pluses? Shine on. I kept the Aussie flag key chain, and I wonder about the cat. I’m still not sure about the train tracks. How’d I get there? What did it mean but...............