Dear Friends How was your day? Are you taking time to live, to enjoy and to dream?

As I sit and ponder this just now, a ladder comes to mind with ‘little me’ scampering up for a great view, and my dear heart at the bottom, keeping watch. My heart lovingly tends to me always......

I wonder what it would be like, if the loving heart scampered up the ladder, leaving the mind (little me) at the base? I don't think I'd be as safe because the mind is such a monkey, but to let the heart run free seems rather liberating.

Today's offering, is a poem from my heart as it ran free, while I was down and out and in the middle of a high fever: The very best way to find inspiration!

Standing on the edge of the Lake

On the Shore of Time I meet Infinity

The edge of who I Am,

Meets where and

What I Am


Staring across the vastness

Of the pebbles of my lives

With eyes open wide, yet tightly shut

At this point of my being

I'm seeing

Only potential

The lake calls me

Stripped bare,

Diving in, I

Left my breath behind

I am dissolved into the ripples




Seem only to limit



Knowing my Way

Immersion is sometimes the only Way

May this day, find you enjoying yourself in the everyday life - finding your blessings in the ordinariness of it all.

We are all offered moments to jump into the unknown or run up the ladder of opportunity, (or down the ladder if we don't take notice).

Do you stop at such times, are you even aware of them? Watch the children in the playground for inspiration, they know how to live each and every moment, they don't wait for permission.

Take notice of yourself, remember where and who you are because life is about living not just going through the motions of eat, sleep, work then repeat. You, dear friend are important to the world: Try not to be so obsessed with the tasks that you forget to breathe and be well.

Are you willing to take a few risks? Why not get off the beaten (mindless) track and spend 5 minutes daydreaming away; let your mind run free. To be immersed in the now, imagining the way you want to live is to prepare your loving heart for a life well lived and is putting the mind to good use as the heart runs free.

Immersion - Imagination - Todays Way to gratitude and contentment, in the most peaceful of ways

Lots of love dear friends