Just Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone


Bonjour mes amies from Bergerac, France. I have travelled a long way from home and have met many wonderful and hospitable people over here. Just like home really: Wherever you are in this world if you approach people with an open heart, they respond accordingly :)  Such has been the case here in France, and I am so happy to write to you....

I was in Paris the other day, and so many fellow travellers would ask me, "where are you from?, are you travelling alone?" I would say Bonjour, Australia and yes, I am a solo traveller but I am not alone. Their immediate response has been, "oh my, you are so brave!" Am I?

Brave, what is that actually? It is a complex word/verb I think because to be brave somehow seems conscious, to consciously brave the world, to consciously travel and brave the elements. I don't think I am brave, I think it's more like Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back when he said, Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.

For me, I either stay home or I travel, there is no middle ground, no bravery here. I want to see the world, so I do. When I am home, I am happy there too. I feel so safe and secure and happy at home, and on tour, I feel challenged, happy and I live my dreams.

It is women mainly who think I am brave and I get that.

Women my age usually have a man on their arm, a life time companion. I have grown an internal companion who is my constant Yoda; do, go, walk, run, live, love, be, enjoy. Such things do not take courage, they take love, a sense of joy for life and a willingness to live a rich and full life.

I encourage everyone to live a little each day, go and do what is in your heart to do - you don't need to be brave (or maybe you do?) If you just need to let go of the reigns, your comfort zone can be expanded to suit, no bravery required.

In a short time from now I will be off to the mountains, more on that later, I am pretty excited. My photo attached should show my happy face, but I think it has only my hair showing - amusing - holiday photos on my blog gone crazy today. C'est la vie

Jusqu'a la prochaine fois mes amis

xxx WendyJoy xxx