A Successful and Happy Magical Mystery Tour

I am finally at home, so wonderful to be back! My Assisi, Rome, Florence, Venice, London and Bath odyssey came to an end - hooray I did it! People go away on holidays all the time, but not many go on their own, and I found it easy going, tough going, fun, not so fun and I am quite proud of myself for having achieved it and enjoyed it. I truly do love the company of others, and do truly love my own, so on this journey I got plenty of both. I know that I have been on a wonderful journey, it was a great time of healing, reflection and mystery; I feel very lucky to have been able to travel so far and back in just few weeks. Incredible isn't it? Planes, trains and automobiles make it all so easy, but I am hanging out for matter transfer aka Star Trek style for the next trip, that would be a dream come true.

I would like to have traveled more you know, perhaps seeing as I had flown so far, I could have visited France or Spain and more countries along the equator, just for the climate, oh how I love the warm weather. I realised on the way home that I did cross the Alps (and France) but it was way too high to shop or ski.

Photo Credit: WJSmith June 2014

I learnt a great deal along the way, like, just because I speak English doesn't mean I will be understood. We have funny little sayings that others don't, like peckish for a little hungry - people just stared at me :) It seems that the English language is just a base and we all corrupt it one way or anther, even the way we say our words is different, funny that.

I didn't realise I had an accent, to me everyone else in the world does. I was told so many times that they loved my voice and that was so nice to hear, having grown up hearing that our 'Aussie' accent was an embarrassment. Rubbish, they love it! I loved everyone's too - we all sound beautiful to my ears - they were all like TV and movie stars to me, (so much private fun in my head imagining the parts I would offer them in my movies).

It was a happy tour of Italy, and magical because I discovered the history of two people I had no idea about. I knew of St Francis, but on my tour of Assisi I discovered Francis. I had no idea of St Clair, but while there I discovered a young woman called Chiara (Clara). The following picture of St Clair at St Damiano Church Assisi called me to it. St Damiano's Assisi is where St Clair from a very young age was cloistered and worked for the poor and began the order of The Poor Clairs', later changed to the Order of St Clair.

The two of them, St Francis and St Clair will be in my heart and mind forever.

Photo Credit:WJSmith May 2014

That is the magic of travel don't you agree? You get to see the places that have barely changed in thousands of years and know that you are seeing what the people in history books saw. People back then mostly accepted their lot in life and it was people like Francis and Clara who brought about a sense of compassion and love to all, and it struck a chord because many became followers. Even today, I feel a pull to join them and I am not Catholic and they are not a part of the living, go figure? Magical people who are still alive today in my heart.

This is picture of a window in a little cell like room that Francis stayed in at Forte Colombo, with the mountain side filled with lush vegetation and Holm-Oaks. No buildings in the view, just the same look out as he would have had. Amazing! There were two rooms in there, Brother Leo was with him on occasions, same view though and  I like to think this was Francis' room as it was closer to the steps up.

Photo Credit: WJSmith May 2014

I made friendships that I am sure will stand the test of time; this makes me smile. I have seen places that I want to return to one day, and know that I will. I have to say, getting out of my dear home was for the month of May was a great decision and now that it is June, I am happy to be home, at peace and still smiling.

Trouble is you can't buy gelato and fruit salad like the one above - I will miss you gelato, lemone, melone, chocolato, oh too many to list/miss.

Life is still good, still magical and still mysterious; it is always a joy.

Much love

xxx WendyJoy xxx