What Is Stress Anyway?

I wrote in the late 90’s that stress was the buzz word of the century and was just thinking, maybe it still is. Everyone seems to know about it, have it or are happy willing and able to comment on it. Do you ever wonder though, through the use of this single word, if we lose the ability to express ourselves well? Or worse do we use it to mask what is really going on in our lives or happening within us? Stress is the world for so many things that modern people believe they live with.

Physical Stress is felt when we push our bodies over the limit and feel stretched and strained or not pushed at all and therefore find stress in a lack of physical strength.

Emotional Stress creeps up on us when upheavals have been experienced, (like the death of a loved one, a divorce or loss of employment and then we don’t seem able to counter-balance it with self-care. It’s at those times that the emotions maybe difficult to tone down and we may cry or fly off the handle easily (and for no apparent reason).

Mental Stress can occur when we live a life that compromises what we believe in. We may find we live with resentment, anger or headaches, again for no apparent reason, but there is always a reason even if it’s hidden to you. We may find an easy target at these times and tell ourselves it was their fault.

Spiritual Stress can occur when we don’t live through the wisdom of our hearts and we find life has little meaning.

Stress is a catalyst for change, will evoke a certain kind of response, and generally speaking it is our thoughts and feelings that give us the above states not the situations we so often inclined blame.

We might feel like life is out of control but,

We are always doing what we think or feel is a priority

We may not like our choices but we always have them.

We are always doing what we think or feel is right according to our beliefs.

We may be doing something we feel and believe is the right thing to do for another but it may compromise our beliefs at the same time. It is at those times that we must remember why we are doing it, do it with grace and move on or we risk crises across a whole state of being at a later date.

If stress is a problem for you, you need to honestly ask yourself ‘why is this so’?

We need to acknowledge the real reason for doing what we do and how we do it and if we are not happy, treat it as short or medium term while working towards change. That said, changed will need to match the kind of stress experienced.

Physical stress may require you to change the way you do things, less or more as is required. Walk instead of run or visa versa. Can you see any changes you could make now to relax, repair or rev up your physical self?

Emotional stress may require you to acknowledge that you are not just upset with today or the event you first thought made you cry. An event that was long forgotten may be the reason for your current emotional state (and exacerbating it). Can you make amends with the past and accept the events of the day as just that?

Mental stress is compelling you to think again – listen to yourself – you may need to change your mind, views, habits, reasons for doing……. We can all go on autopilot, doing good deeds for others and not ourselves and end up resenting the ‘good’ works we are doing or worse resent the recipient – destroying all the good will and intentions. Can you make time to find peaceful downtime, perhaps listen to music you love with head phones on to block the rest of the world out?

Spiritual stress is linked to your state of inner being and knowing and has little to do with the work you do or the employment you find yourself in. In a sense it underpins your reasons for living and loving and the manner in which you conduct yourself. If you find your life has little meaning, you may find it beneficial to talk to someone who is able to help and direct you to your heart’s wisdom. Why not take that step today?

There are so many reasons to say you are stressed these days, but I think it’s time to critique those reasons. Your stress might be conveniently hiding the truth of your thinking. If you resist the word stress, you may uncover instead a more meaningful word or words to describe how you feel, how you think and from there, you may discover a whole You that you didn’t know was there.

Are your actions done with good intentions? When asked if you can something for another, say yes if you can, no if you can’t and leave it at that.

Do you seek the company of good people? People who conduct themselves with good intentions? You can’t always be with the ones you love, you need to go to work and be a part of the world at large, but make sure you seek the company of people you love whenever you can.

Are you eating well and taking good care of your whole self? So many deny the need to eat well and use the excuse of stress to eat poorly. There is no excuse for this, good food in equals good thinking, good feeling and uplifted states of being – your body is your temple, watch what you put into it.

Stress may be the buzz word of our time to describe the modern day problems we face,but it can also be a catalyst for change if you open yourself up to it.Try it, express yourself, no stress.

Can you think of times you have used the word stress instead of describing what's really going on?

Have you any stress less moments to share with us?

Thank you for reading my Tuesday Life Series Post. If you have found truth in it I hope you can share it with others

xx WendyJoy xx