My Love

When I think of you my love

Where is it that I go?

To the past, the beginning, the end?

Do you know?

My heart skips a beat

My head knows not, how to think

Who am I?

Who do I become when I am with you?

In my thoughts, you are here

I become who I am

There is no woman, I just am (me?)

Off to a world of love and beauty

I am at home, at peace

In the place without time

It is a place without place.

Wait for me my love

Till next time I sit

Into the garden

That our love

Made fit

My Love is a poem I wrote in December 2013 as I sat in a wildflower garden I had sown earlier in the year. It was a labour of love that garden, and it looked magnificent for many months. I’d struggled to clear the earth, prepare it and scattered the seeds with joy like that dear girl in the My Secret Garden movie.

I was inspired to write it as I sat thinking of some of the last words my beloved spoke to me. He said he would ‘take me to the garden and propose to me once again, because the garden is where it all begins’. I never asked him what he meant by ‘it all begins’ because I thought I knew, but over time, I know I can only imagine. Beautiful memories make beautiful gardens.

What sort of garden is your life at the moment? Mine seems to be an empty bed, tilled, prepared for a new lot of seeds to be scattered. Cant wait for the months to unfold to get my hands dirty in the soil (life throws at me) and watch as the garden reveals itself (over and over again). Wildflowers are my type of flowers!

Life is like that, plant, wait, enjoy, weed, replenish, begin again. Get your hands dirty, feel the earth, plant some seeds (thoughts, goals) or seedlings (thoughts in action) and reap the rewards

Lots of love to you dear friends - talk to me about your garden plans if you feel stuck - reach out here