My new website


How exciting it is to be imagining and dreaming of new works to share with the Wellsprings world. The ground space shakes with excitement whenever I think of it all – photos, words, works to be shared – a joy to bring to life. 

Scary too you know, to be reinventing in the third age – I love it though. I thought I’d be retired, I thought I’d be travelling! Life has a way of revealing itself slowly, and as it unfolds I am realising I am only now ready to make such offerings, and I am ready to settle and share. 

As I grow older I realise the finite light within, grows more infinite in offering of itself, and this is what I choose to work with now. 

The light of discovery, of wisdom, of love is all within the walls of this web space made available through the hardness, the struggles and the depths of love and light that I have experienced. How wonderful it is to age and to grow and open up to the joys and delights of life. We really are made bright and shiny through the crucible of life, I'd not trade or change an ounce of it.

The new website is a breath of fresh air to me and I hope it will be a space that delights you, inspires you and leads you to its door often.

Welcome to Wellsprings, once again


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