Seizing The Day


Hi Friends, It's Sunday here in Bergerac, that means the shops are closed as people take a lovely day off with the kids. For the traveller though, it means a very long day and making the most of the beautiful views to be had. I've walked to the river, bought my lunch and sat down to read my book.

I had fruit early so I left my vegetarian baguette until now, only to find, sadly, that it is filled with fish.

Mon dieu!

So off I go in a moment to do myself up a little (so I look the part, it is France after all**) and head out for a nice dinner at one of the few restaurants open. Thank you for opening up on Sunday, you make me one happy little traveller tonight.

Some people love to be on their own, I am not one of them, but today has not been so bad - it is easy to watch and enjoy, relax and read or walk and explore. I am on my own today, but the day is mine - thank you for this day. May tomorrow be one with fun and laughter

Hope you are able to make a great day for yourself - not all days are sun shiny

** You can tell the tourist by the shoes I think - nice but comfy. The French women are so chic, but their little feet seem to be cramped up in those gorgeous little shoes (not so comfy).

Lot's of love