Celebrating Life

  • Kitchen Dharma

    (Albury Beginning 7th June 2018) A weekly gathering space for widows To be & to grow, as we cook our way to inner peace. To become a widow is to set out onto a path unknown.…

  • Blessing Of The Day To Us All

    May you rise to the challenge Of making amends Even if that is a mere thought For now

  • The Magpie’s Call To The State Of Grace

    The magpie called to me just now You can’t imagine the amount of time I spend in the past before I realise, and present myself, once again to the present. It doesn’t…

  • From The Heart Of A Pilgrim Soul

    But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face


    Today’s offering, is a poem from my heart as it ran free, while I was down and out and in the middle of a high fever: The very best way to find inspiration!

    A Loose Thread

    Sometimes we are just pushed around, in and out, but in the end a cloth is made, it is the fabric of the life we have made. The dance of life, morphed into a tapestry of colour.

    Insight 27th April 2015

    This is a post for those who have loved and lost – you may be absolutely ok 354 days of the year, I know I Am but on anniversaries, well you know, it’s ok to dwell a little