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Usui Reiki Ryoho
Reiki is a hands on healing art that aims to improve mind and body and was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki has been adapted by many since and was brought to the West by Mrs Takata (USA) in 1937.

Reiki is something you really can’t put to words as it needs to be experienced, but it feels like a gentle warmth that relaxes the body and the mind.

An hour of Reiki can leave you feeling light and refreshed, and even though very relaxed it wont leave you feeling groggy or unable to go about your day.

To learn Reiki is to have a tool that can bring calm to your self and others anytime and anywhere. It is not a religion, it is simply the energy of life.

You can read more about Reiki here

Experience Reiki at Wellsprings

Upcoming Reiki Classes – contact WendyJoy to find out about upcoming classes

Reiki Master Janet Adcock is now available by appointment only on Wednesdays between 10am & 3pm or other times as arranged.

Take the time for yourself to unwind and relax, maybe even fall asleep as Reiki takes you to the still point within, where healing of the body and mind can take place. We don’t often allow time for such stillness these days, but a one hour experience of Reiki at Wellsprings, is a great use of time!

About WendyJoy

WendyJoy has studied Reiki with a number of Western teachers, Tony Van Lambaart, Jane Macross, Sheila Neville, Frans Stiene and Japanese teacher Hyakuten Inamoto and offers Reiki classes in various techniques to those who are already at the level of level one or two.

WendyJoy has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and is currently taking a teaching retreat, but is always available for share days, Reiki extension classes and to send absent healing when requested. Absent Healing is a meditative practice to send Reiki to anyone anywhere and is a daily practice for WendyJoy. If she can be of service to you, please let contact her.

About Janet

Over the years Janet’s interest has consistently been that of service to people in the form of healing and personal empowerment.  This desire has taken her on an interesting journey with many challenges and joys along the way.

Janet was initially drawn to Reiki because of its gentle yet powerful healing energy to help ease physical pain.  Around the mid 1990s she was taught by Reiki Masters, Robyn Rowe and Deirdre Jakstas.  It was in 2003 that she undertook Reiki Mastership training with WendyJoy.

“In hindsight, my training with WendyJoy, was preparatory for me as it strengthened my ability to handle the events that unfolded in the years that followed”.  Both Janet’s parents died within two years of each other, and consequently she also suffered the loss of her family of origin.  With the training, insights and self mastery she acquired through her Reiki Mastership, she was able to navigate through those very rough waters.  She threw herself into studies and achieved a Diploma of Professional Counselling. Having a keen interest in Grief and Loss issues led her to major in that subject and into works of service.

She has led groups and taken students in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and meditation.  “It is encouraging to work with groups as I see individuals grow and develop together”.

Janet will be offering classes in Reiki One and Reiki Two quarterly beginning on the 26th June 2013

Book now places are limited, please book early.

“I have known WendyJoy for 15 years and first did my Reiki Mastership Training with her in 2003. 

As my teacher, WendyJoy’s guidance and support was invaluable, especially at the times in my life when I was going through major crises.

Since then our relationship has grown into a true and abiding friendship. The high standards that Wendy lives by and the way she meets her own challenges are inspirational.   The insight and intuition that are unique to WendyJoy have always left me with a renewed vision and fresh hope for the future.

WendyJoy has a deep understanding and empathy for people.  She has the skills and natural ability to uplift and motivate those with whom she is working with.

I am grateful for her ongoing encouragement and faith in my abilities – this continues to give me a feeling of personal empowerment.

My life is deeply enriched through knowing WendyJoy.” | Janet Adcock