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A Loose Thread

Photo Credit: coralie zabo bellal via Compfight cc

Dear Friends

Does it make you cry, does it make you sigh?

I feel lost today, nothing amiss to speak of, just the day is one to be silent and still, after the days of fullness and shrill.

A loose thread is how I feel.
But what is a loose thread, if not just one to be (re)threaded?

I could leave it to the wind and see where it takes me

I could change my sight
Even in darkness I know
I could catch it mid-flight

So, I gather my needles and gather my vision
Loose threads are cast forward
I am on a mission

Unseen hands guiding
The threads are now gliding

A new cloth is made
I still feel like hiding

Like all things new,
I need time to adjust
My loose thread is a’gleaming

Yet I still feel

I Am connected
I Am shining
A loose thread
Is so refining

Does it make you cry, does it make you sigh?

Yes some days it does. We all have those days where we are lost for seemingly no reason because we are all threads, weaving around, dreaming our way along the weft.

Is it coming from within me, or am I feeling the sighs of the world’s people? I don’t always know until I catch myself drifting away.

Sometimes we are just pushed around, in and out, but in the end a cloth is made, it is the fabric of the life we have made. The dance of life, morphed into a tapestry of colour.

A loose thread, in the end, is just a chance, a gift you’ve only now noticed 🙂

It’s a chance or a voice to follow, or you can sigh or cry, if that’s all you can do today.

Photo Credit: flyhoof via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: flyhoof via Compfight cc

Wishing you a happy sewing, mending, threading or admiring 🙂 I’ll be threading right there with you, in some small way, and I hope you enjoy your day.

Lots of love


2 Responses to “A Loose Thread”

  1. Robyn Stewart

    so beautiful Wendy Joy….a delightful sharing …today I received a magnificent small table cloth of hand made lace from a dear friend…it needs a few threads in it here and there and this is what I will be doing this afternoon by the fire…ahhh…sheer Bliss then it will be wash and spread out in the early morning sun to softly dry where it may or may not end up on the ironing board for a very gently smoothing out…where no doubt it will end up on the tea serving table to be adorned with the pure beauty of teacups and saucers…..yep its enlightenment you guessed!!! cheers robyn


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