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What Doin’?

Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral via Compfight cc

“What will you be doing this day?”

I know not

“Whatever you do
I will be there with you

Whatever you see,
I will see it through you

Your life is My witness
You are living My dream”

I know not more
But to look out the door

But I can sit and study
The events of the day
I will be conscious
Of what I do and say
Knowing You are with me each day
My Lord

Your trust in me is not in vain
I will wake up
I will move again

Moving on through the train I ride
Knowing You are by my side
I’ll reach for stars and moonlight too
I’ll dance in the sun
I will move for You

I will
Love and

Even though I know not
What has become of my Way

To see, to hear, to be
With Thee,
All now
Depends on me

Cloudy Water Photo Credit: WJS

Cloudy Water
Photo Credit: WJS

My beloved Peter would always ask “What doin?” 🙂
Ah, I do miss that….

Sometimes lately I haven’t got a clue. Just like in my photo above, the world can seem so upside down, (when really that is just my perception).

Where does the time go, what do I do with my time? I can spend hours just being…… not doin anything really. At the end of the day, I can feel as though I have been sleepwalking.

Well, life’s like that, and I don’t beat myself up for not going with the flow; instead I just move along until I can.

Ah sweet grief! To make sense of it all I remind myself often that I Am not alone.

My Lord is with me, loving me and that is enough. It is what is..

All that we need to remember in times of trouble, is that we are ok, and this (pain) will soon pass.

Lots of love dear friends

xx WendyJoy xx


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