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Sun Shower
W. Smith October 2014

I am just a piece of fluff

Blowing in the wind

We all break down

We blow around

Until it rains

Not so good, for fluff

I am now

Just a piece of dust

Sweep me up

If you feel you must

But I’ll float around

And around some more


Into something


Photo Credit: W.Smith September 2014

Photo Credit: W.Smith September 2014

I Am

Still here

No more, no less

No different to the rest

Hey there friends,

Have you been giving attention to world events, to the ups and downs – floating around, going to ground…. Grief for some, anger for others, abuse and nightmares can be found everywhere I look lately.

It is a busy place just now, don’t lose your head in the news and views of others.

Now and again, take yourself off on an adventure of the mind….

Imagine yourself floating away on a cloud, being outside makes that obviously easy.

Or take yourself into the Earth, following the path of the intrepid earth mover.

The adventures can lead you to leave the stresses behind, often where they belong, behind you and in the past.

Change your attention, change your life, with a little imaginary travel.

Lots of love

xx WendyJoy xx


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