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Hey It’s Saturday and It’s Meant To Be Enjoyed

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Are you one of those who say ‘thank god it’s Friday’ and then sleep long hours on Saturday, feel sluggish on Sunday then start the whole process off again?

These days many work long hours at desks with bright computer screens in their eyes at jobs that are less than ideal to the human spirit. We stay in those jobs because work is scarce and we wait for change right where we are.

Or perhaps work is just what you love to do, but you are feeling less than fulfilled (and are left wondering why)?

We may put some positive spin on it by saying how grateful we are for the job, for our pay cheque, or for the friendships at work, but how true is your gratitude?

Positive thinking has been somewhat corrupted these days, and I have heard it described as a cone full of misery with a ball of ice cream on top. You happily eat all the ice cream but you are still left with the cone of misery. So true if that is what your smile is all about.

Positive thinking is really accepting what is and knowing you can make changes. You may not be able to change the situation, but you can introduce other things into the day such as getting outside for a spell, eating healthy foods, and dreaming of better ways to live. It’s not sugar coating at all and can lead to a change of personal perspectives.

Cultivating gratitude can be a wonderful way to count your blessings at the end of each day, but if you don’t feel blessed, then it is hard to cultivate gratitude without help. Have you noticed where the weekday misery is coming from? Is it the work you do or is it the workplace you are in? Is it a constant bad or glum mood you are in or a depressing environment?

It is all relative because we can be happy or sad no matter where we are, but sometimes we may need to move on to better pastures… Habit can lead us to stay and gloss over the pain in a place where we are not feeling the love or value.

Fear can make us stay in work (or situations) that we’d really rather leave, especially when we haven’t got a handle on why we hate the week so much.

We might be scared of jumping from the lion’s den into the tiger’s if we move; it can be complex for sure!

One Sunday when you’ve had enough of the repeat repeat of the weekday weekend treadmill, try jotting down some points of what’s great and not so great about it all. You might be surprised at what’s revealed, or where your daydreaming takes you. Contemplation (dreams) are so important to our inner world and sense of well being.

Wellsprings retreats for ‘working’ and ‘stay at home’ women coming up in August aim to enable you to find your place in the world and find the fulfilment you seek.

Fiona and I hope you can join us, as working women ourselves we understand the thrills and spills life can take us on. You will find more information on the Wellsprings Women’s’ retreats on the events page. Women only this time, men’s retreats another time.

Photo Credit: fonsico via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: fonsico via Compfight cc

Enjoy the weekend, it is yours for the taking, I wonder how are you going to spend your days? I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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