Celebrating Life

Ageless & Timeless


Autumn slipped by quickly didn’t it?

It’s now winter here but I still have autumn leaves on my dear trees. I guess they are as confused as am I. The seasons have shifted a little, just my observation but I think the trees will agree with me – the birds too!

The earth is constantly tidying itself up, a volcano here, an earthquake there, and the seasons are getting a shake up too, (are you?).

It is ageless and timeless and I am always in awe of it’s (your) beauty.

I would like to share with you ageless and timelessness by way of

Verse 25 Naming The Nameless,
Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

What preceded life?
The earth
What preceded the earth?
The universe
What preceded the universe?
The soundless and shapeless origin of origins.

This Mother of the universe
Is boundless and namelss
But if we wanted to share with you anything about this remarkable
Non-executing executor,
We must invent a name

We will call it the Tao
Becaue Tao means great.
Incredibly great
Because it occupies infinite space,
Being fully present in the whle universe
And in every infinitesimal partice

Because this Great Integrity
Created the universe
And the universe created the earth
And the earth created us
we are all incredibly great

Life derives
From the nature of the earth
The earth derives
From the nature of the universe
The universe derives
From the nature of the Great Integrity
And the Great Integrity
Is the omnipresent, omnigenous omniform
The universal material
And spiritual substance
The holoversal interlinkage
And coition of existence.


We are all incredibly great –  agree? Nothing seasonal about that, it’s just a fact of nature.

lots of love

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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