Celebrating Life

A Private Moment

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It’s a private battle,

Yes, but

If only I had known

We can get swallowed up in a moment

And then you were almost gone

Too soon

It is a private moment,

Grief is like that you see

A smile, a whisper is all you gave

I’m so glad you gave it to me

I’ll be wishing special wishes

I’ll be hoping for the best

Loving thoughts will surround you

In your heart, know you are blessed

It’s a private moment

Yep, I know

But don’t just grin and bear it

Take my hand,

Let’s go my dear,

I Am your friend

Do you grin and bear the tough times?

Sometimes life calls for that approach, forbearance it’s called, and it is so good for us to live through the adversity – we grow stronger through it.

But there are other times, when you need help, and so you must let go and call for help.

We grow stronger by allowing others to give help and support to us – it’s really a win win situation!

It’s funny, it is your life, to do with love as you will. But life is meant to be a shared experience, don’t always go it, alone.

Fly safely now 🙂

lots of love

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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