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Paths and Dreams

Photo Credit:WJ Smith May 2014 Rome

I’ve been following a dream

I didn’t know till now.

I’ve been walking a dream, a path,

That all my life

I thought I knew how.

To understand,

To catch what is so ethereal,

Is not an easy concept,

I’m sure you know.

So many others before

Have left a path, a dream,

An inspiration, just for me.

Interspersed with my life

They are, still there like the shadows,


But a part of me

And my life

One cannot live without their love

Their story.

Oh, the love I can feel

My dreams are mine

But the dreams are theirs too.

I live only because they gave me life,

And because they dreamt too.

I live the dream and follow the path,

Of all those who have loved me

And offered me,

Their threads as they departed

My dream belongs to ether, and to all those I love

I am so happy to understand that the path I take

Belongs to me, and

I Am not alone.

Its a path, and a dream, and I don’t need to know

Photo Credit:WJ Smith May 2014 Rome

Photo Credit:WJ Smith May 2014 Rome

I dreamt before I came to Rome of my father as a brick layer in ancient times. He looked the same, and was a very fast bricklayer, just as he was in the life as my father. He was one of those men who could do any trade, he could just do anything, and now it comes as no surprise.

As I walked the ruins yesterday I could see the walls he showed me in that dream, and they inspired my words today.

I am so glad he showed me, and I almost cried when I saw them. I had no idea that the little bricks I saw would look like that in real life and didn’t know it was Rome in the dream – oh hand on heart moment!

Till we chat again dear friends, ciao from Roma,

lots of love!

xx WendyJoy xx

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