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The Value Of Silence To Me This Easter

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Ah it’s Easter, I do love Easter time; the weather is a bit cooler and gardening becomes easier, people seem ready to relax and I can just melt into the days. I have been lazy today, which is cool by me, I like a day of doing nothing and watching the time float by, coffee in hand of course – but I have to watch the mind on those days as it can lead to trouble 🙂

I wrote on my Facebook page today about troubles I have had of late – I thought I’d share it with you all.

“It doesn’t matter, the kindness you give to others, you will only be remembered for what ill they think you’ve done them. 
It’s a hard to know at first, then you realise they’re not as friendly, you don’t see them as much …….
You can’t fight that, it’s a battle that’s rarely won, because it’s not real and I know, I’ve done nothing wrong. 
It’s about perceptions & perceptions are just thoughts, not my thoughts. 
The downside is the consequence of staying silent equals the consequence of asking what’s wrong. Snap!
I Am who I Am, & I Am happy with that”

For myself today I’ll go back to my March 28th post with the words of Lao Tzu, to remind me of the value of letting things be


That which is most tender

can overcome that which is most rigid.

That which has least substance

can penetrate that which has least space

I Am more than the feelings of sadness and today I am able to stay silent and be grateful for the time and space to be on my own, thank you Lao Tzu!

Even in the midst of despair we have choice. I can go deep within to my silent oasis and fill myself with the Light in meditation & Reiki or I can go to the depths of the hole that despair can take me and drown in sorrow; my choice, both are deep but only one will be of lasting benefit.

I can’t change the past, I cannot make someone know I had only good intentions, but I can know this and be at peace just the same. This is hope and faith.

Its better to not go to the hole of despair today as it’s raining and we all know what happens to holes in the rain.

It’s not easy being an ordinary human being, but we can all take the good with the bad, it just needs practice to find it.

If you are having troubles, and we all know significant events such as Easter can bring them, there are others out there that can help. Lifeline is one of them if your troubles are urgent.

Hope your weekend is a treat, and your holiday is in peace with loads of fun: I am off to re-pot some plants.

Just realised one of them is called a Prayer Plant, ha, the irony!

lots of love

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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