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Verse 43 The Value Of Minimums

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I was reading the Tao Te Ching, 81 Verses By Lao Tzu, Sacred Texts Translation and Commentary by Ralph Alan Dale 2002 and came across Verse 43 and felt inspired to share it with you.

It has such relevance for today and yet it is believed to have been written around the 6th BCE, most likely by those devoted to his teachings
(as he was known for the simplicity of being rather than instructing in words, or deeds I would suppose).



That which is most tender

can overcome that which is most rigid.

That which has least substance

can penetrate that which has least space

Acting without deliberate action

and teaching without uttering a word

are rarely practiced.

So few find their way

to the Great Integrity, (Tao)


Never are words such as these so true, as when you have children in your life. They hear every word, but is that what they follow? No, they are taught without words, and generally speaking their tantrums (rigid) are controlled by the gentlest of actions (tenderness).

Have you found people fear telling the truth for fear of hurting another? Misguided love I suppose. Many others fear telling the truth for fear of repercussions. Politicians around the globe seem to have made it into an art form, weird isn’t it, as it’s almost expected of them?

Well I am often inspired by the opposites in life and Verse 43 today has had me thinking, even the name of Verse 43 is interesting, as we don’t always consider minimums to be of any value in these days of up-size.

Also I was aware of my actions and non verbal communication. I had the music on, then I realised the beautiful silence that had filled my room. I sat and listened to some friends who dropped by, and although I hardly spoke a word my body spoke for me. My day was filled with such moments of awareness; very entertaining.

Well that was my day! A mystical, ancient reflection on my thoroughly modern Friday. Now, what can I get up to tomorrow? And you?

Hope your weekend is a treat, lots of love

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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