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A Letter To The Past

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Dear Loved One (from my past)

I love you

But, the past is going to stay right back there

Same for you?

As a child I was scared of you,

As an adult I just didn’t want to be around or near you!

I was not scared to be myself, or to stand up for myself

But I left you way back there, for I just couldn’t care

To keep on being the object of

Your anger, your jealousy, your discontent

Where did all that come from?

Do you regret the way you were?

Well I regret the way it was, but have to tell you I am happy with the way it is now

In my thoughts

You are all grown up.

I hope you have changed your mind,

I hope your anger has subdued

Don’t worry if you haven’t moved on though

We will catch up in another place and time.

I Am certain it will be beyond the confines of this life

But who knows?

My heart space grows

And brings meaning

Till next time I write, take care 

I forgive you, and hope you forgive me,

Yours truly WJ xxx

“People can be more forgiving than you can imagine.
But you have to forgive yourself.
Let go of what’s bitter and move on”
Bill Cosby

Dear Friends

I have faced a few dragons in my time, so scary and yet, I have to give thanks to those who breathed their fire and scorn on me at such a young age for the practice.

I Am (still) standing and I’m happy with the way I can cope and adapt, but I am human and even now memories of the early years spent with one who could make life a misery are painful.

My letters don’t often start with I love you, but do end in forgiveness, even if my heart is not into it because it is about forgiving (me), loving me enough to remove what has been a heavy weight.

They are letters for my eyes only and are never to be sent! I tear and burn – sending them off in flames of peace. It is so helpful to unpack the pain and send it to the flame

Have you any letters to write?

Well, enjoy your day, lots of love!
WendyJoy xx

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