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New Year’s Day, A Time To Contemplate……

Photo Credit w. Smith 31/12/13

I do believe something exciting awaits me in the future, I am never without dreams. Do you dream?

I Am lucky to be one of those people who enjoys life and believe it is because, even when sad, I Am still happy and know the future is going to be ok.

So today I chance to consciously dream and imagine a life quite different. Usually I dream of gardens I will create, houses I will build, travels I will make. But from my heart I asked and something came to me that felt real and tangible.

Today, my contemplation projected so far out of my comfort zone I frightened myself with possibilities – magnificent possibilities that would lead me away from ‘the me I know now’ and everything safe and sure. Change so profound I couldn’t bear it.

So I run. I run so fast all the way back to the past, but it’s so dark back there without any room to contemplate this dream, argh!

What to do? What do I learn from this?

Do you have times like that when you contemplate a future so remote from the present and/or the past that you run from it?

Funny creatures we are that can go forwards and backwards in time, within the space, of a blink of the eye; the dream world knows no time limitations, its not back or forward really, it just is.

Now I have thought a bit more of where my heart took me, I can see the possibility of it all, it isn’t so scary now as I write. Staying where I Am wouldn’t be the best for me and I can see that clearly, thanks dear heart.

New Years Day is a time when many will contemplate the year ahead and it is a perfect day for that, to dream and imagine a wonderful year 2014.

Others will make resolutions or pacts with themselves without contemplation and I don’t think they are realistic resolutions do you? I wonder how many are kept? Did you make any?

We can easily dream – dreams are made in the right here, right now. Wont you make time to sit and allow your mind to wander via your heart and see where it takes you?

It is summer here in Australia so nice to dream as we sit in the garden and watch the clouds drift by. I imagine many others would be cosy by the fire with the wintery winds whipping by their windows.

We can reminisce, but we can’t always find solace (nor peace) in the past. Peace with the past is possible if made here – right here, right now. Let it be…

The beginning of the year is the time to dream no matter what the season. To contemplate a glorious future is fun and enlightens your awareness to possibilities. And even if that is a little scary today, you can still dare to go there, if only in your mind.

The future will come, & then it will be today.

The future is made the day you dream it and by the time it arrives, you will be ready to embrace it with open arms.

Will you be dreaming today? Dive down deeply into the heart space; a journey to the known that is unknown.

Got a dream to explore in mind or heart?

Wishing you bright imaginings for 2014

With love,

xxx WendyJoy xxx

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