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The more change is sought the greater potential for ‘same old’ I reckon. 

There is change in every moment and yet, our routines stay the same so we believe nothing changes, so not true.

Boredom takes hold of us and we become seekers without direction. I hear, ‘I am sick of my life’, but many don’t know what they are sick of – funny isn’t it? Modern life has too many minutes left idle in that case – life’s too short to be wasting it – so many things to do and so little time.

Make time for change, take action, that holiday wont happen unless you book it. The book wont be read unless you buy it and put it next to your glasses. The fruit on the tree will rot unless it’s picked. Come on, what’s holding you back?

Perhaps we need a change of routine, rather than change of lifestyle?  Routines are habits and as such can be hard to break, but if you can break the pattern you might break the routine spell you’re under and notice potential in every moment.

Its lovely to think about a change, but after a while we go back to the familiar, like comfy old socks I guess.

We are excited by life (in the past or the future) without our mind knowing or even being in the present moment. When we wake up to the moment we realise (life) and awaken to its potential.

Dream yes, but do that in dream time, take action in this moment, especially if you don’t like where you are.

Routine is a ‘human potential’ problem, going about the day doing the same things, the same way and not noticing much – we can be here but not in the moment. Change may be wished for but the more you wish the less likely will be the change – do something instead of wishing, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Ha, life sure is funny and it seems we grow old trying to work it out. 

Kids grow up, and we welcome their growth until its time for them to move on and then we want them to be babies again

Well just for today, go out and play (with or without the kids), have a cup of tea before your dinner instead of after, read a book and enjoy the moment’s peace.

Don’t just do the usual, be a little adventurous and change will make it’s way to you – get off the gravy train and hop onto the space train – life’s a’changing!

I am off to the garden now – this train waits for no-one!

xx WendyJoy xx

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