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Who Do We Value In Our Tribe?

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Hi Dear Friends

Today I’ve realised that there are some people that are valued more for their inner qualities than others, for example

The care givers in my family are valued and praised for the care and the giving they offer to us
(but don’t often apply to themselves).

The beautiful in society are praised for the vision of body and face they give to us,
(but may never feel good enough, or worry that it will fade as they age).

Do you ever wonder why we value some for the gifts they cannot help but bring to the world, and offer little value or worth to others?

What I am really talking about are essentially archetypes – the part of us that Carl Jung described in detail as common traits or patterns with in us that drive our motivations. So the caregiver cannot help but help others, rebels can’t help but rebel and show us another way, the ruler can’t help but try to boss us all.

I believe society values caregiving and beauty as though they are extraordinary, and most other things as ordinary. The dreamer is often labeled as lazy and the bossy member as intolerable.

Caregivers live amongst us as mere mortals, our mothers and friends may be the first to offer a loving hand and we feel so good to be around them (and it has nothing to do with employment) We may be scathing of those who just don’t care in the same way, so we end up judging one member of our circle better to be with, than the other, but how fair is that?

Caregiving is a natural human ability, but some cannot help but care to a greater extent than others and it would pain them to see anyone suffer. They are a great support to anyone in need, it is a part of their being, their psych.

Being born beautiful is the same thing, physical beauty is a joy to behold, it may be only skin deep, who knows? A most beautiful model does not necessarily mean beautiful all the way through. It may be so, and they could feel that beauty is the shallow end of themselves and are working hard just to tell us they have intelligence to go with it.

My point is that we are all part of the one human family, with so many deep seated personality traits (within the archetype concept), it would be easy to miss the beauty of the extraordinarily quiet or reserved member because they don’t show a caring nature. Have you found that in your own family?

How do you show you care?

Do you have a dreamer who doesn’t notice the world underfoot?

A crusader who likes to take you on?

Or an explorer who just can’t wait to leave home to explore the world leaving you feeling like you don’t matter?

Our families are made of such wonderful complexities.

Its so easy to gravitate to the one who is always there for you, but don’t forget those who don’t openly show it, who are there loving you just the same.

Understanding is the key, love is the answer.

This post is a wish for everyone to take notice of the tribe, those in your circle. They may not be there for you every step of the way, but they are there! Celebrate the caregivers, but celebrate also the dreamers, the warriors and the quiet ones in the corner for they make up our world and are often misunderstood or labelled poorly.

Time to see the good in all people and stop the pressure for us all to give a damn when we may not want to. We cant all be caregivers can we?

I Am a caregiver, family often come to me for ‘care’ and I am thanked lovingly for it. I Am also a warrior at heart, and depending on the crusade I could be hotfooting it away from family or they from me as the case may be.

But I do notice and make time for the people of my circle, and today my hope is that you will take a loving look at all those who share yours. They all deserve your loving attention and you theirs!

Much love to each and every one of you for being just who you are.

You make my world spin merrily!

xx WendyJoy xx

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