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Patience is Action

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Today I’ve been patient – patiently waiting for news. Sometimes patience is a waiting game; sit, stand or run we must wait, patiently. At other times patience is breathless, anxious and hard to cope with. So hard then as we really don’t have much patience to give.

Patience has been called a virtue. I am not sure if one can find truth in that under all circumstances though. The virtue thing started a couple of thousand years ago by the martyrs who really did need to find something of value in their very real suffering.

Well I however, have no suffering, it’s just that time is marching on today so slowly and the rhythm is to the tune of another’s beat. Not so virtuous.

I can wait, I become in tune with her rhythm and patience is mine.

Patience is action. A silent mindful motion and it comes with anticipation, conscious dreaming and a feeling of joy.

I Am waiting happily, patiently for a gift!

Do you know such patience?

Till we chat again dear friends, WendyJoy xx

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