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Raspberry Joy

Photo Credit WendyJoy Smith May 2013

“Ah, such a glorious day, the sun is shining into my room.

I have woken from a terrible sleep, I went to bed feeling unwell and I’m still tired…

I go back to bed, but the autumn air is warm and just begs me to get up, go outside and walk…this weather cannot last long enough for me

So I do and now I Am awake. It’s 2.30 pm and as I walk out the door I call out to no-one in particular, I’m ready for you world!”

The feeling to go out kept pushing me to the door and so off I head towards the sun. I’m glad of that because up ahead I could see the colours on the vines and I knew I was in for a treat.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Raspberries, too many to pick and hold in my hand, so I run back to the house for a bowl, laughing all the way.

And then to my ‘Book of Joy’ in the garden….a place of peaceful being that I share all my happy thoughts with (in chalk until the rain washes it clean). That’s me with the smile in case you were wondering…. flowers in my hair

Photo Credit WendyJoy Smith May 2013

Photo Credit WendyJoy Smith May 2013

I know what I’m having for supper. Sweet autumn raspberries.

WendyJoy xx

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