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The Eye Of The Storm

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This post today continues the Tuesday Wellsprings Life Series.

Life is not all beer and skittles is it? And yet, with media showering us with ‘the right way to look, to feel, to dress, to be’ we can be left feeling so inept when faced with everyday troubles that everyday people just don’t seem to suffer…Ha!

When faced with troubles,

You can feel like you are facing a storm

When faced with a storm,

Aim for the eye of it, shoot straight

In the eye of a storm you will find

A calm centre of retreat

Troubles are more easily dealt with there

The storm will pass

And the rainbow will once again shower you with colour

Into each life some rain must fall, but too much is fallin’ in mine
Into each heart some tears will fall, but someday the sun will shine
(‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall’ – Fisher and Roberts – sung by Ella Fitzgerald 1944)
Storms and troubles are a natural part of life, every body will have the ups and then the down days.
Shoot straight into the eye of it and stand true, no matter how much rain falls nor how many tears you shed, a way can be found if you place yourself at the calm eye of the storm to think things through.
Seek the help of a trusted friend or a counsellor if the storm seems too hard, don’t suffer alone.
Hope your day is as calm as can be, till next time, much love
WendyJoy xx

Meditation can be very helpful, interested in learning how?
Counselling is available at Wellsprings,

Or you can call Lifeline open 24 hours every day 131144

3 Responses to “The Eye Of The Storm”

  1. Kylie

    Very inspirational and empowering! So many of us feel alone! Every one finds themselves facing a storm or many storms in their lives… I wonder if all the media hype on ‘how’ we are suppose to be does not only make us feel inept but also a message often sent out through various methods is ‘that tgere is someone worse off’ this sort of thinking is very black and white, so whilst we might realise that other’s may be worse off, we forget to or dont allow ourselves to feel compassion for ourselves in our own storm, instead we shame ourselves for feeling compassion for ourselves instead of validating those feelings, so that we can work through them. This I think is why many of us do not reach out for help while confronting or whethering a Storm as we have been taught to ignore our own feelings for fear of shame.

  2. WendyJoy

    Very true Kyle and so well expressed.
    We do indeed hear many who are expressing their own heartache go on to say, ‘oh well, someone else is always worse off than me’ and it instantly takes them away from their chance to acknowledge their position, their feelings and their ‘shame’ for being there in the first place.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Janet

    WendyJoy and Kylie, I can relate to what you have both expressed.
    I’d just like to add that when we tell ourselves or hear it from others ‘oh well, someone else is always worse off than me’, we can feel that the heartache we are experiencing is minimized and invalidated. My normal reaction to someone else who says this to me, is to withdraw from that person and be discerning in what I share next time.
    Thank you both for this conversation.


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