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I Am So Proud Of You

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What do you think of or feel when you hear someone say they are proud of you, embarrassed or feel uncomfortable?

Funny isn’t it how we are so hardwired to simply not accept another’s kind thoughts of us, but when criticism comes our way we are so quick to take that on board!

It is like that for me when considering my own actions, I am not one to pat myself on the back and say congratulations, I am so proud of you, I instead turn that around and say my mum would have been so proud of me. Why is it so hard?

Well today I am going to begin by telling myself how proud I am of ME: I am simply proud of the way I Am; for the way I extend myself and for just being and finding so much to like within and around me. Life is so much easier when I let go of the notion of giving only to everyone else – its ok to give time and space to feel proud of myself.

Be Happy For This Moment. This Moment Is Your Life
(Omar Khayyam)

Against the odds WJ you have survived choking on a huge gob stopper at 2, a haemorrhage at 7 during a tonsillectomy, a serious car accident at 24, and various other heart stopping moments in between and since.

I Am Proud of You for surviving, thriving and still being able to smile and mean it!

I have found telling those people who have touched my life, how proud I am of them, makes my heart sing. It makes my heart space grow: I feel so grateful to them for showing me the Light of who they are in such moments.

They may feel uncomfortable because it is a heart to heart moment, one heart – my heart – reaches out to touch their’s with gratitude and love, to tell them how I was touched by them – I was proud of them – and I see them shuffle their feet with joy.

Such pride won’t come from the mind – the mind can easily accept and won’t feel at all uncomfortable with glowing comments – but the heart is opened by the love they will feel if genuine gratitude is given with the simple words: I am so proud of you.

I find I am touched by people’s actions and sometimes a lack of action; their words and their silence; their thoughts and thoughtful moments, or especially seeing someone lost in the world of daydream.

Often, I am proud of the moments when something takes place that wasn’t premeditated, or when a ‘step up to the task’ was made when all else says ‘step back’. For it is in those moments that I see someone get out of their head space to go beyond the limitations of the mind.

Have you found joy touch your heart like that? It’s a beautiful thing to observe in others and in yourself.

It’s a special time. It’s a heart space moment! Those times are for sharing, just like good champagne and a box of chocolates – don’t keep them to yourself.

Have you ever taken the time to feel the pride, to breathe it in deeply and feel absolutely wonderful for it? Have you extended such feelings to another by telling them how proud (of them) you are?

Sure you may feel uncomfortable sharing it and they may to receive, but you’ll both get over it with time. The more we share such feelings of joy the more our world will shine.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens
(Carl Jung)

Today is the day people! Awaken to a day of sharing the pride, look into your heart space and share the joy and the love; you won’t regret it. Awaken to joy, I am so proud of you for taking the time……………

Much love to you dear friends, WendyJoy xxx

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