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I am here with you

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I lost someone very dear to me in April 2010 – my beloved husband Peter. It takes so much energy to carry on and it’s almost like we become two people in the process, public and private person, don’t you agree? To stay or become as One, a united force of body mind and spirit takes time and I want you to know, if you are grieving, my thoughts are with you.

It is such a personal journey, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely path, you can share it with a friend or two along the way.

I plan to post an article about such journeys and paths each Tuesday in a series called Wellsprings Heart Space.

The articles will focus on issues related to all forms grief. Starting off today I would love to share a poem I wrote about eighteen months after Peter died….

I Am Here With You

The skies are dark

The rain is heavy

Life seems so gloomy!

Yet, there are rainbows….

There are sunny skies

That I cannot see right now

I get that

They are there above the clouds,


Why do you go there so often?

I go there because he is there

In my thoughts of yesteryear

No, I am not,

I am not there

I am here

I am with you

In this moment there are rainbows

Seek the moment,

Seek the Light in every moment and you will find me there

With you……..

It is an experience that I had and I have expressed it to you today in poetry. I could hear him speak – I’d imagined myself all alone on this day, and yet I knew I was not. Do you have days like that? I was using my counselling skills upon myself as I sat at the dam.

Whether it was Peter speaking to me or the Light within shining through, it matters little. To me it was him in his voice and in his words; it was what he would say to me and it was a shining divine moment. I hope you can find yourself sharing such moments – the gems that come when least expected.

Well I hope you like my offering today; I hope to share with you again next Tuesday. Stay happy and free
from doubts dear friends

Much love

WendyJoy xx

4 Responses to “I am here with you”

  1. Janet

    Thank you for sharing your offering, WendyJoy. There is much insight and wisdom there. I agree that it takes a lot of effort to integrate body, mind and spirit. For me, it’s taken years and I continue to work on it. Also, to see the beauty in every moment…

  2. joybelles

    Its not an easy thing to see the beauty in every moment, that’s an ongoing element to our lives…..the world needs more of us to try

    • Janet

      Hello Joybelles, yes I agree, I suppose I could say, to live in the present moment as much as possible, and accepting that as it is, whether it be perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


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