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Peaceful Being Day©

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“Ah, such a glorious day, I wake to the magpies outside my window, the sun is shining through the cracks in the blind, I declare this day to be my very first ever Peaceful Being Day© I say! This is a new thought, because yesterday I had a restful day and hardly did much at all except the basics and then anything else that touched my fancy, but… Peaceful Being Day©, I like the sound of that…”

Funny how when you label a day as restful you can come up with all sorts of excuses for hitting yourself all day to be more productive; like how long have you been sitting there reading the paper? Don’t you feel a bit lazy when everyone else is out there working? that table is a bit dusty…… ah guilt is exhausting but the day was restful just the same

The Universe often sends little challenges along to visit you on restful days, just to see if you mean what you say you want

Well it’s a challenge I could do without. The Universe loves to give you what you want. So Peaceful Being Day© it is, no challenge there, rest work and play in a peaceful state of being. I love it!

Photo Credit: WendyJoy Smith cc

Photo Credit: WendyJoy Smith cc

“I’m feeling pretty good, 2 hours into the day when I feel such excitement within, it feels so wonderful I could just burst, but with that excitement came creeping in an old familiar sense of fear. What?? There is nothing on the agenda to fear, it can’t be rooted in the present I don’t think, so what is there to fear?

It is familiar because excitement, in my family of origin, can often end in being jeered or heckled by the brothers, (“who do you think you are?”) not being allowed to do anything beyond family boundaries, (“don’t get beyond or ahead of yourself girl, you’re a girl and girls don’t need anything like that, it’s a waste as you’ll get married and have kids and then you’ll think what was the use of that????” my father often said, though he’s grown a bit since those days).

Projects and dreams for all of us kids usually ended in tears, and if you did press ahead you had better hope to make a success of it because you will never live it down if you don’t! Today’s fear is from the past I reckon, and is not real time fear. Is it rational for today, to feel a fear of being peaceful and yet excited to be alive; happy little thing in the middle of Peaceful Being Day©?

Not at all, but it’s so worthy of being fleshed out because the exploration of it has made me feel more joyous actually. There’s nothing like a safe point of discussion with yourself, it’s like a big sister chat only better, I’ve just made a friend out of my fear – so what if I am excited, the past didn’t take my joy away because here it is here today!”

Photo Credit: dicktay2000 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: dicktay2000 via Compfight cc

“Here I AM with an antique collection of so many things inside, including the fears – antiques worth more than financial value – And I AM rich with a loving peaceful exciting joy and the kookaburras sing (my late husband’s totem) Wow.

Isn’t it so true that the day I declare to be, the very first ever, personal Peaceful Being Day© can manifest the strangest of thoughts in me? But it’s also true that the JOY just continues to flow.”

How’s your day going? Are you making a point of being at peace with where you are at today?

If you are interested in taking part in a future  Peaceful Being Day©, register your interest with WendyJoy

Peaceful days people xx

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