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Photo Credit: Jodi Deutrom using original works by Daniele Zeddacc

Many have been thinking about goals, asking: do I set goals or do I allow life to take me to them?

I read the other day about, inspiration and getting up each day with passion, and it suggested if you don’t know what you want to do, you’re not thinking hard enough….

Phew not sure what I think about that one at the moment – that is so harsh for someone experiencing pain or loss in their life.

I find that we are magnets, like attracts like and you need to remember there is the hidden side to us, that may be at odds with what we think is right at the time.

We just haven’t tuned in to the inner wise council; listen closely and you’ll catch yourself.

“I believe what we need is coming to us whether we are consciously setting intentions or not”

Make a conscious goal of witnessing your thoughts; you may be getting what you need but not what you want. Or maybe your wants are not your inner needs.

Even so, you could be in harmony and are getting what you want and need, but that’s not so for many of our Earthly family, going by the vibrations of fear and anger in the world.

It is still possible though – what are you manifesting in your life today – or what will you be now you have read this?

Goal setting is a good practice to develop on a regular basis, but being quiet enough to hear the thoughts, to know your feelings about your goals is one of the keys to living your hearts wisdom.

What are your thoughts dear friends?

WendyJoy xx

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