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Wisdom of life

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We all have rhythms that can take us up down and around and around again. Through all of the repeating we gather knowledge of ourselves and our part in the world.

Wisdom might come when we know we are going up and down and make a choice to go sideways. Wisdom comes with time, with age, with and loves and hates and all the opposites we experience.

Eventually through those experiences we find our path, our Way and we happily sit on the edge of nowhere, going nowhere, and feel ok.


Just now I am

Sitting on the edge of nowhere

I love just sitting here

I know nothing of any value to another human being

I feel that is so free and easy

I wish for nothing

I have dreams – but I wish for nothing and

I wait for the love of all to descend upon my awareness

Before I was thinking

I want to move out of this space,

I want to dream, I want to live,

I want to grow and produce,

I want to be the best I can be

“Have you found any self wisdom lately?” 

Photo Credit: SuperFantastic via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: SuperFantastic via Compfight cc

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