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A Successful and Happy Magical Mystery Tour

I made friendships that I am sure will stand the test of time; this makes me smile. I have seen places that I want to return to one day, and know that I will. I have to say, getting out of my dear home was for the month of May was a great decision and now that it is June, I am happy to be home, at peace and still smiling.

An Amazing Story

My son had an accident last weekend, he burnt his forehead and hands in a flash flame, caused by a tiny cinder that floated by him. “If only I just went home.”…I am amazed at how fast he is healing, but I shouldn’t be.

Peaceful Being Day©

Funny how when you label a day as restful you can come up with all sorts of excuses for hitting yourself all day to be more productive. How’s your day going? Are you making a point of being at peace with where you are at today?

Goal Setting

Do you set goals or allow life to take you to them? I read the other day about, inspiration and getting up each day with passion, and it suggested if you don’t know what you want to do, you’re not thinking hard enough….

Wisdom of life

We all have rhythms that can take us up down and around and around again. Through all of the repeating we gather knowledge of ourselves and our part in the world.

Reiki: What Is It?

Much has been written about what Reiki is, this hands on healing technique. Energy is within and around us and Reiki is a simple way of stopping energy loss, and of replenishing energy in a loving way, for yourself anytime, wherever you are. It can be likened to meditation for oneself.