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The World Isn’t Fair, But Why Expect That?

The world is not always fair, but we can work with it by aligning all that happens with the strength of our heart. Heart and mind working together makes our lives so much easier, especially when we work in harmony with others. We will find an inner strength, resilience and duty to self and others through the power of love.

Spring Equinox A Time To Move On

Soon to come are the long balmy nights, the walks, the bird song, the greenery. I really need it too I have been so sad of late
…but I know another family will enter that door and may they enjoy the welcoming energies we have left for them.

Winter – A Great Time Of Year

Ah winter, thank you for waiting for me – the sun shone and we had warmth when I really needed it and you held yourself back. Now you’re here and I want to say, I really love your cold days – I may even learn to love your freezing winds – please know I am working on it.