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Being melancholy can lead to action, an escape from the inertia, to art, gardens, and movement and maybe, to see the world in all it’s beauty

Insight 27th April 2015

This is a post for those who have loved and lost – you may be absolutely ok 354 days of the year, I know I Am but on anniversaries, well you know, it’s ok to dwell a little

Anzac Day

Anzac Day today. It is a day of emotion for me, I grab the tissues and watch the parade on TV.  A very special time of year…

See what you will

We have good weather and bad weather friends and some in the middle. Throughout life we are not taught, and therefore are not equipped, with the words thoughts or deeds to help anyone other than those nearest and dearest, and sometimes not even them.

I am here with you

I lost someone very dear to me in April 2010 – my beloved husband Peter. It is such a personal journey, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely path. Each Tuesday I to post an article about such journeys and paths in a series called Wellsprings Heart Space.