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Spring Equinox A Time To Move On

Soon to come are the long balmy nights, the walks, the bird song, the greenery. I really need it too I have been so sad of late
…but I know another family will enter that door and may they enjoy the welcoming energies we have left for them.

Winter – A Great Time Of Year

Ah winter, thank you for waiting for me – the sun shone and we had warmth when I really needed it and you held yourself back. Now you’re here and I want to say, I really love your cold days – I may even learn to love your freezing winds – please know I am working on it.

Changing My (Travel) Intentions

Today I’ve realised that I have changed intentions…I had intended to travel around this time of my life…Well the answer is, those travel intentions were the dreams of a younger me…For me now to travel the Earth I will need to re-imagine the story

Where Are You?

Isn’t it funny where your mind takes you when you have nothing to do. Today I was thinking about where I’m going and how am I getting there..Great idea, but the power went out! Argh, no cooking, no shower, no TV, no reading