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Community Development Work

Community development workers work with individuals, families and/or whole communities to empower them to:

  • identify their needs and opportunities, their rights and responsibilities;
  • plan what they want to achieve and take appropriate action;
  • develop activities and services to generate aspiration and confidence.

A community development worker often acts as a link between their client(s) and other parties be they communities or a range of other local authorities. They are frequently involved in addressing inequality, and projects often target communities perceived to be culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged.

WendyJoy is an experienced community development worker.
She is able to act as an advocate for those who may be faced with problems and who may feel powerless and/or unable to make their voice and needs heard. She can also act as a facilitator for any workplace or community group workshop or meeting.

Recently WendyJoy was asked to assist a young woman to break a lease at a share house that was just not working out for her. WendyJoy was able to advocate on the client’s behalf to have the lease broken, a small financial consideration to be paid to the landlord, and walk away free of any further legal or financial liability. Situations like this are never easy, and while it could not be called a win win situation, each party walked away with a serviceable solution.

Enquire about your situation and how WendyJoy can help you here.

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