Celebrating Life

Blessing Of The Day To Us All

Dear Friends

With love in my heart for the day, I say

Blessings be upon those who need to face their fears
May you rise to the challenge
May you have the courage to make amends

Blessings be to those who have harmed others
May you rise to the challenge
Of making amends
Even if that is a mere thought
For now

Blessings to those who have cursed me
Blessing to those who have hurt me
May you move forward and forget me
May you allow Grace to flood your interior
And allow me to accept the flood of Grace to mine

Blessings to those who I have cursed
May we rise in peace at the new dawn

Photo Credit W. Smith 31/12/2013

Photo Credit W. Smith 31/12/2013

With love, 

xx WendyJoy xx

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