Celebrating Life

Brother Sun, Sister Me

Brother sun,

How those clouds dare
To race across you, up there

Do they not know?
That you, the sun, is so close
They could soon be as toast

Photo Credit W. Smith Sept 2014

Photo Credit W. Smith Sept 2014


The clouds race to where they must
With fullness
So much,
They could almost bust

They carry the whispers
And they carry the grace
They pass along,
Leaving no trace

The darkness and the light,
Within them does fly
What we cannot see
Flies through the sky

Without matter, the dark can move
Hurry, hurry,
Move move move,

Photo Credit: W.Smith Sept 2014

Photo Credit: W.Smith Sept 2014

Dear clouds

Run along now
Brother Sun wishes You well

To the mountains
Water to the well
Brother Sun, wishes Us well

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