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I’m Back Online

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Hi dear friends

Hello, I am finally back on line, it was an unexpected delay for sure. Patience was required 🙂 and more of that may be necessary as further updates to my e-ways of being online come about. I am so looking forward to it all, but more on that later.

It is not such an easy process to upgrade or change internet service providers (as each one has a way of dealing with set ups and loading) and even though change was expected, the length of time it took was not.

Same as life really, we want change, we go for it and then, well you know the unexpected happens and we tell ourselves silly stories and keep our crazy myths going. Oh life turns a wee bit sour, sad, lost; I could go on.

You know what I am talking about? The stories we tell go something like –

  • I knew that would happen if I changed (not true because if it was, you wouldn’t have done it)
    Embrace it
  • I am so stupid for trying to give it up (not true because you know it was the right thing but you didn’t expect it to be so hard)
    Keep going
  • I hate the changes, I was better off before (maybe true, but you learnt something and going back to the old way may work better for you now)
    Embrace your new found awareness

The myths are not true, and are no excuse for staying the same, if the same is not working for you. Enjoy change, it can take you places!

The journey of life can be full of other people’s drama, and to go and make more of it inside you by repeating stories, just complicates it all. Keep it (life) simple 🙂

Lots of love to you all

xxx WendyJoy xxx

2 Responses to “I’m Back Online”

  1. Kylie

    Thanks for sharing that Wendy, it was a lovely gentle reminder that those thoughts ‘myths’ can be so destructive. I have found myself guilty of this and see how silly it was and how much time was wasted on kicking myself and doubting myself! 🙂 Hope you are well, Love lots xx

    • WendyJoy Smith

      Well done Kylie for recognising it and then, admitting it to yourself (and those reading here)
      Brain working at capacity holding up the myths of yesteryear – gotta love that Kylie – and then change it 🙂
      I am well, and on top of the world….


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