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I Am A Piano

Photo Credit: W. Smith November 2013

I Am A Piano

So much I’ve seen

I Am a shell though

Of what once I’d been

I have no keys

So much is true

But melody

Is still within,

You know?

To hear my notes

You must begin

To strike with stick

Across you go

My sound can still be heard,

Far away, throughout the land

Loud like thunder, or

High it vibrates


What fun

Can still be had

By children

With stick in hand.


I Am a shell of what once I’d been

But I Am still a piano

And I Am Grand!

I have a piano, it sits in my garden and I play it whenever I go out there just for fun. Goodness knows what the neighbours think, because believe me it is loud! It can send chills up your spine, it is such a wonderful vibrating noise 🙂

It doesn’t matter how old we become, how wrinkly, how broken or bent over or how frail, we can still project our true self. Just like my piano, with no functional keys left, its wood peeling, it is still a piano. And the sound is so there, so real and so powerful! I just love it.

Who has a granny that can still pack a punch, bust a move or two and still has heads turn when she walks past? Try telling her she’s old, wrinkly or of no use to anyone!

Kids get it, they come here and get lost in the space created for them. They look at the piano, yell ‘its broken’ then pick up the sticks and off they go totally accepting a new way to play a grand old piano.

As I grow older I find I am ok with it, are you? It’s not easy for many of us though I know, the world can be harsh and unforgiving on those who don’t move to the contemporary groove (fast).

But we can be like the piano, we can accept the way we are now and make ourselves seen and heard. Go on, make a fuss, make a scene and enjoy life to the full, you are so beautiful and worthy! Now try loud as well 🙂


Till we chat again dear friends, enjoy your day, lots of love! xx WendyJoy xx

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