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Through A Child’s Eyes

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Try as I might, I am left wondering if it is indeed possible for me to see, as if through the eyes of a child.

You see, I have so much that lies before me, so much to dismiss, to filter and to subject. Can I truly see something for the first time without referencing? Probably not, because it happens without me being conscious of it, and do I care?

Not really, I actually like to see through my eyes. To even say I’ve not seen this before means a part of me has already tried to search my inner library. Whereas the child really has not had time to build that inner library and truly sees with eyes so fresh and true.


I believe I can see through the eyes of my soul and marvel at what I see today even though I have seen the same things many times before. I can see the magic of the moment and feel the joy. That is the majesty of transcending the everyday, the ego, and experience the grace that comes from allowing fresh perspectives.

I saw my grandson crawl and push his tractor along for the first time the other day, and he was conscious of the fact that he was doing something for the first time! I know this because, before I laughed out loud, he did, and held the tractor up high with joy and crashed it down on the floor again with determination to do it again.

It was precious, it was a moment I shall never forget. As a mum I have seen my kids do similar things, but as a grandma I have had the time and the grace that comes with time to really see it.

I saw a moment through his eyes, with my grandma eyes and it was pure magic. It was a transcending moment to me because time seemed to stand still, we locked eyes and it felt like nothing else in the world mattered (or did it even exist)

Have you seen through the eyes of another and felt the joy that they are experiencing?

Do you feel it’s possible to see through the eyes of a child?

Till we chat again dear friends, enjoy your day with renewed vision

lots of love

xx WendyJoy xx

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