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It’s A Butterfly Day Today

Photo Credit: Stephen Poff via Compfight cc

Hey little butterfly

Flying through the air

You don’t know where you’ve come from

You don’t look like you care


I wish I could be like you

Fly fly away

But the folks around here would miss me

I’m not so free to roam

It’s a butterfly day here today, the air is filled with them, so busy and full of purpose.  They are not as colourful nor as vivid as those I remember from childhood, just white and spotty brown ones; still they are pretty.

Life for them is short, full of need, want, desire then death.

A lot like us in quick time I guess. With 365 day in a year, are you making time to be carried away with the joy of living (flying) like the butterfly? Or are you stuck on the ground waiting for life to carry you away.

Imagine if the butterfly did that?

Today I am the butterfly, who knows where I’ll go: I don’t care really, its that kind of summer day.

I’m out for the mystery, and the colour of the garden.

I Am flying by, in the silence of the sky, I Am at home wherever life takes me today

Dear friends, have you been flying about enjoying your day? 

Lots of love! xx WendyJoy xx

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