Celebrating Life

My Love

Photo Credit W. Smith 31/12/2013

When I think of you my love

Where is it that I go?

To the past to the beginning, 

To the end,

Do You Know?

My heart skips a beat,

My head knows not,

How to think

Who am I?

Who do I become when I am with you,

In my thoughts

You are here

I become who I Am,

There is no woman about me, I just Am


Off to a world of love and beauty

I Am at home, at peace,

In the place without time

It is place without place.

Wait for me my love

Till next time I sit

Into the garden

That our love, made fit

Have you ever sat and lost sight and mind of where you were? Where do you go? The place of no place known? There are so many visions to wander through aren’t there….. anyway,

Till we chat again dear friends, enjoy your day, lots of love! xx WendyJoy xx

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