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Experiences Have Value and Life Does Have Great Meaning

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Hi Friends, our experiences do have value, our life does have great meaning

I went to a half day workshop on the weekend that left me feeling like a fish out of water. Nothing wasted, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I met a room full of lovely women and enjoyed the beautiful surrounds along with a cup of tea and muffin. But I felt like that because the ideas of the centre just didn’t fit with my own wisdom or reality. Have you ever experienced that?

The facilitator was asked about how experiences can shape a person and how some of their experiences have led them to be fearful and how could she overcome them. The facilitator responded, ‘they are all in the past now and are no longer relevant, and that who you are can never be hurt or changed by those experiences’.

Which is true in many respects, the past is the past, the spirit within is unchanging, but experiences certainly do shape our lives and no practical exercises were offered except for meditation on who am I?.

As a human being we have and we share experiences – we learn from them and there is purpose to life. Try telling someone who is upset that everything is in their past and just meditate on Who Am I? and I think they may find life a little meaningless. I think that advice could be more than unsettling.

Experiences bring learning tailored to our needs, to who we are now and are aimed to help us grow.

All experience is good, it may not be seen as such, but they are like the furnace to the gold, they bring about our brilliance.

The inner truth of who you are is never changing but your Soul journeys and learns along the way, that’s just how it is. Life isn’t out to get us and there is great purpose to experience, and I don’t think it is folly to seek to understand them or how they have made or not made sense to us. That’s creating our own wisdom base don’t you agree?

Do you find that you are repeating ‘mistakes’ or do you keep meeting people that don’t nourish or value you as a person? What do you feel today’s experiences are giving you?

For a great poem about repeating experiences, have you read There’s A Hole In My Sidewalk, by Portia Nelson? Such a brilliant piece of wisdom by someone who fell in a few holes along the road (of life). Google it I’m sure you’ll love it just as I do.

Meditating on an issue or your experiences can bring clarity.

Talking about them to a trusted friend can help solve or resolve them – friends can be the bridge to self discovery.

But, saying ‘they are all in the past now’ may just be leading you up the garden path.

Please be discerning if you are feeling troubled by experiences – especially if they are in the here and now – saying it’s in the past may be foolhardy.

A meditation for today when you have more than a minute to spare is to relax into your chair, breath slowly and freely into your heart space, while you allow your awareness to settle on the sounds that surround you. In the silence you will find the sound of your breath, birdsong, and your mind may chatter away, but when you notice, take your awareness back to the silence – repeat repeat repeat.

Now that’s a worthwhile 2-3 minute experience to offer yourself, and with daily practice you will find it a habit worth repeating, well that’s been the case in my experience.

Till we chat again dear friends, enjoy your day, lots of love! xx WendyJoy xx

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