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Winter – A Great Time Of Year

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Winter – A Time To Say Goodbye

Well I know I’ve said it before but time passes so quickly! Winter is here for us in Australia, for me that means mildly cold days, 14c with freezing winds that make it feel like 5c; if you can get out of the wind you can pretend a little because the sun often shines through. The Earth and the bare trees are such a beautiful sight in winter.

I have resisted winter all my life because I am not into discomfort, but this year I am glad of it to tell you the truth, I need time out! My world has been go go go and now I know I must stop stop stop. Do you feel that too?

In recent times I have been a care giver to many in the family, but that’s all changed with the recent passing of my father. Ive said goodbye to too many of my loved ones in recent times, gosh it doesn’t get any easier. Who’s shoulder do I cry on now?

My kids are grown up and the only one left that needs caring for is me. Never really looked at that before now, because I was so busy looking after loved ones and telling everyone else how to care for themselves. Time to listen to my own advice, gladly.

I have recently enjoyed

  • watching daytime telly, but wouldn’t want to do that every day, its really awful, except for Ellen, I do love her style of tv fun
  • eating dark chocolate teddy bear biscuits, they need to run away from me, as I just can’t stop at 1
  • sleeping in and listening to the wind trying to push the branches of the tree down upon my house – scary but in a good way
  • chatting for endless hours on Facebook or the phone

Funny, all fun things to do on cold days that I have never indulged in before.

Ah winter, thank you for waiting for me – the sun shone and we had warmth when I really needed it and you held yourself back. Now you’re here and I want to say, I really love your cold days – I may even learn to love your freezing winds – please know I am working on it.

The full moon was yesterday, it is almost Spring, almost that time of year when days and nights are balanced! I would usually be looking forward to it and then the summer, but for now I Am content to sit comfortably (by the fire, coffee in hand, bears too – I Am so lucky)

Winter my friend, it’s almost time to say goodbye to you and your black clouds. Work can wait on my desk, housework will keep – I need a break, to watch the dark clouds drift by (and will dream of lighter days and all good things).

Bye For Now Dad – Winter will always remind me of you and Mum!

Photo Credit: Levels Nature via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Levels Nature via Compfight cc

What will you be doing as the days grow longer? Has it been a good winter to you?

Bye for now

xx WendyJoy xx

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